23 05, 2012

Fireworks concept presented at ICCC7 and ICCC10

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First presentation at ICCC7 in Chicago, May 2012 On Monday evening, after a long day of lectures, I was given a chance to introduce the Fireworks concept to a few highly respected climate sientists, four of which were conference speakers. Attendees: Prof. Dr Tom Segalstad (Univ. of Oslo), Prof. Dr Larry Gould (Univ. of Hartford), [...]

5 05, 2012


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Welcome to ClimateTheory.net, the forum about my attempt to model climate in a completely new way, aiming to – eventually – calculate the real climate sensitivity of CO2. This site was hastily and somewhat prematurely constructed in May 2012 in an attempt to present my thoughts about the mechanisms behind our climate to researchers that [...]

5 05, 2012

Elevator Pitch

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The innovation that is the core of the www.climatetheory.net  site is “The Fireworks atmospheric radiation simulation”. It is an easy to understand Excel spreadsheet that can calculate exactly how much radiation is emitted into space and how much is absorbed by the earth surface, by using one very simple formula only. It can do so, [...]

5 05, 2012

The chapters summarised

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1. The Fireworks Theory for greenhouse gases Explains how it is possible to describe the atmosphere by layers, defined by the average optical free path of greenhouse sensitive IR wavelengths. This takes temperature and pressure out of the equations and enables very accurate but simple radiation calculations. 2. The Fireworks atmospheric simulation Describes a simulation [...]

5 05, 2012

1. The Fireworks Theory for greenhouse gases

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IR radiation behaviour I started with imagining how IR radiation would behave when radiated from the earth’s surface. Of course some wavelengths will radiate directly into space through the IR window. All the rest would at a certain point be absorbed by a greenhouse gas (GHG) molecule. Once absorbed, in an equilibrium situation, the same [...]

5 05, 2012

2. The Fireworks atmospheric simulation

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Once absorbed by a GHG molecule, the GhIR energy will be re-radiated and absorbed very many times before it will be radiated out into space or be absorbed by the surface. Describing this process quantitatively in formulas seemed to be impossible, at least for my mathematics skills. And as far as I know, even very [...]

5 05, 2012

3. The Fireworks simulation: Layer determination

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I mentioned earlier that the simulation is extremely rational and accurate, but that all problems have been shifted to the determination of the number of layers. First we have to address a basic problem: I am simulating the earth’s atmosphere by averaging very different situations. In the humid tropical regions, water vapour will be dominant, [...]

5 05, 2012

4. The Fireworks simulation: Climate sensitivity

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All this is of course primarily intended for the purpose of establishing the climate sensitivity of CO2. So let’s assume that we manage to get an accurate representation of the number of layers, by using physics or empirical data. Then it is easy to double the number of layers that are attributed to CO2, and [...]

5 05, 2012

6. Convection and the thermohaline circulation

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As an “entrée” for the next chapter, I wanted to share some thoughts about oceanic convection. I got to think about this topic, when discussing atmospheric convection with an oceanographer. It seemed better to talk to him about his field of expertise, so I tried to apply my ideas to the oceans, and the result [...]

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